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We Support Local Artisans Known for Creating Aesthetic Appealing Glasspipes


Locally Handcrafted Marble Glass Pipe: This locally handcrafted marble glass pipe is a unique smoking device made from glass, often with intricate marbling patterns.


It provides a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience and is popular among cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate both the artistry and functionality of their smoking accessories.


Unique Water Pipes: Unique water pipes, often referred to as bongs, are water filtration devices used for smoking hemp and cannabis.


What makes ours unique is their innovative designs and features.  Our water pipes include percolators, multiple chambers, or artistic embellishments.


They not only cool and filter the smoke but also provide a visually appealing and distinctive smoking experience.


Specialty Bowls: Specialty bowls for smoking hemp and cannabis products in are designed to enhance the smoking experience.


They come in various materials like glass, ceramic, or metal and often feature unique shapes, designs, and features.


These bowls can have built-in screens, cooling mechanisms, or artistic elements that make them stand out.


They are perfect for those who want to add a touch of personalization and functionality to their smoking sessions.


Specialty Water Pipes: Specialty water pipes encompass a wide range of unique and customized bongs and water filtration devices.


We carry a variety of themed water pipes, personalized designs, and limited-edition creations.


Specialty water pipes cater to individuals who want a one-of-a-kind smoking experience and are willing to invest in high-quality, custom-made pieces.


Neon Water Pipes: Neon water pipes are water pipes or bongs that incorporate neon or fluorescent elements in their design.


We carry a variety of neon water pipes in bright and vibrant colors, illuminated by built-in neon lights or UV-reactive materials.


These pipes create a visually striking and futuristic aesthetic, making them popular among users who enjoy both the functionality and the visual appeal of their smoking accessories.


Cryo Handheld Bowls:  The Cryo Bowl is filled with liquid glycerin that you can stick in the freezer for a super chill, smooth smoke session. It has an inner coil that helps keep the piece cold and a flat, comfortable mouthpiece. 

Enjoy the sensation of smoking out of a bong filled with ice in the palm of your hand! The Cryo bowl creates super cool, frosty hits without needing to add water or ice at all. The glycerin freezes after about an hour in the freezer, and the glass coil is designed to keep the contents as cold as possible for as long as possible.


This piece is perfect for hot summer days! Stash it in the freezer while you're getting ready to lay out by the pool. Grab it as soon as you're heading out, and you'll get a refreshingly cold hit with each inhale.


Pair it with an ice-cold glass of water for a satisfying combo!


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