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We Carry an Assortment of Tobacco, Leaf and Hemp Wraps


Juicy Wraps:  Juicy Wraps are flavored cigar wraps designed to add a burst of fruity or sweet flavors to your smoking experience.


They come in a variety of enticing flavors.


Hemp Rillo:  Hemp Rillo's are a brand of hemp-based cigarillos, offering a fusion of hemp and tobacco flavors.


They provide a mellow and aromatic smoking experience.


Wild Hemp Wraps:  Wild Hemp Wraps are known for their all-natural, pesticide-free hemp wraps.


They deliver a clean and pure smoking experience, free from harmful additives.


Leaf Wraps:  Leaf wraps are natural wrappers made from leaves, typically tobacco leaves or other plant leaves, used for rolling and smoking various herbs.


They provide a unique and earthy flavor to your smoking experience.


Game Wraps:  Game Wraps are cigar wraps offered by the Game brand.


They are made with high-quality tobacco leaves and are available in different flavors, allowing for a rich and flavorful smoke.


Tobacco Wraps:  Tobacco wraps are specifically designed for rolling tobacco.


They come in various flavors and sizes, enhancing the taste of your tobacco while providing an easy rolling experience.


Hemp Wraps:  Hemp wraps are made from 100% natural hemp and offer a tobacco-free alternative for rolling herbs.


They are known for their smooth burn and subtle hemp flavor.


Hemp Cones:  Hemp cones are pre-rolled cones made from organic hemp.


They are perfect for those who prefer a convenient and mess-free way to enjoy their herbs or tobacco.


RAW Classic and Orangic Papers:  RAW Classic 1¼, also known as “Spanish Size”, 1¼ papers are the standard size of all rolling papers starting hundreds of years ago.


They are perfect for those who prefer a convenient and mess-free way to enjoy their herbs or tobacco.


RAW Classic Cones:  RAW Classic 1¼ Cones are as easy as it gets!


Precision-crafted pre-rolled cones made from the same paper as RAW Classic Papers - ready to be easily filled.

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