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The Only Smoke Shop in the Area Offering

Low-Priced Premium Disposable  Nicotine Vapes


Cali Maxx 1600 Puffs:


The Cali Maxx disposable vape provides 1600 puffs and comes in various flavors. It's designed for those who want a flavorful vaping experience.


Pod King Maxx 600 Puffs:


The Pod King Maxx offers 600 puffs and is known for its simplicity and ease of use. It's a disposable pod system with a variety of flavors.


Lost Mary Disposables:


Lost Mary Disposables are disposable vape devices known for their unique flavors and ease of use. They offer a convenient vaping solution.


Lost Mary ELFBAR:


The Lost Mary ELFBAR is another option from the Lost Mary brand, known for its distinctive flavors and user-friendly design. It's a disposable vape device.

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